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Online Learning


When you book on a first aid course with one of our training partners, we provide many options, so you can choose which is best for you.

To save you time in the classroom, we have our online learning course, which helps reduce classroom time.

Full Day Theory/Practical– Students complete pre-course learning and attend a full course with their trainer (note: full course CPR students do not need to complete pre-course learning). This course is ideal for those with limited experience or those who prefer to spend more time in the classroom refreshing their knowledge and practicing the skills involved in first aid, including practical and theory assessments.

Express Course – Face to Face PracticalStudents complete pre-course learning and attend a shorter course with their trainer. This course is ideal for those with experience, having completed training previously or for those working in the same field. Students attending an express course will complete the practical assessments only as it is expected they have enough experience and the completion of the pre-course learning assisted with refreshing their knowledge to prepare for the assessment. One assessment will include the completion of an incident report form following a practical scenario. All theory assessments are completed prior to attending the assessment.

*Duration depends on group size.

Pre-Course Learning:

The online pre-course learning consists of presentations, and multiple-choice questions aimed to prepare students for further training and or assessment. The pre-course learning can also be completed by a hard copy workbook, or in-class with the trainer if organised before-hand.
95% of students and instructors prefer the online method as it’s convenient and cost efficient.
When you enrol into a first aid course with one of our first aid training partners, you will automatically be emailed your login for the online pre-course learning, and you can start it straight away.
We also have options for those who do not want to complete online learning:
The options are available when you book in. If unsure, call our nearest training partner and they’ll advise.

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Training and assessment is done on behalf of ABC First Aid, RTO No:3399